Orchestral Score


Warner Bros. Sound Stage January 2020

M8, M10, M12, M14, M16


The Bridge Recording May 2018

M10, M12, M13


"Not Ending Well" "Battle of Wits" "Definitely Not in Kansas" "Goodnight Gabby" "The Rising"

"She Wanders in the Darkness" "Out-Catting the Cat" "She's not Crazy! Right?"

"Agent Billie Reed" "What Do You Mean I'm NOT Gabi" "Stefan Intrigued" "Abby is Gabby" "It's Time"

"Poignant Sunrise" "Martin Hatches" "It's NOT All Good" "Creeping in the Darkness" "Stirred - Not Shaken"

"In the Shadows" "Staging the Crime Scene" "Deadly Inuendos" "Deep into the Darkest of Nights"

"Troubles with Aiden" "The Prodigal Son Returns" "Builders of Empires" "Majestic Oasis" "Shortness of Breath"

"Aiden's Plight" "Tales of Orpheus"


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