Featured Songs Used in Film & Television

"Obvious" - Featuring Angela

"Baby Come Home" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"Changed" - Featuring Maiya Sykes

"Party of Two" - Featuring Robbie Wyckoff

"Living the Dream" - Main Title "Ladies of the Lake" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan - 2018 Indie Series Award nominee for "Best Original Song"

"You Take Me High" - Featuring JD Webb

"Vice" - End Credits "Ladies of the Lake" - Featuring Robbie Wyckoff

"Took on Me" - Featuring Jimmy Z

"Keeping the Dream Alive" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"You Would Be Mine" - Featuring Maiya Sykes

"Once in a Lifetime" - Featuring Charles Jones

"Going On" - Performed by Dasha Chadwick

"Slip Away" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"Because You're Mine" - Featuring Dasha Chadwick

"Song from the Sixties" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"I Can Never Lose You" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"Beautiful Yesterday" - Featuring Sandra Uribe

"Come and Meet the Cowboy" - Featuring Justin Sheehy

"My True Love" - Featuring Justin Sheehy

"Unstolen" Featuring Sandra Uribe

"Did You Know" - Featuring Marina V

"Show Me the Way to Your Heart" - Featuring Vanessa Bryan

"Every Breath" - Featuring Marina V

"Easy to Love You" - Featuring Kelly Moneymaker


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